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A-F – Using Preliminary 2023 A-F Refresh Cut Scores and Scaling Resources in association with prior year 2022 A-F reports.

As of January 2023 TEA released preliminary A-F refresh cut score tables. In an effort to help our districts who have requested the ability to see how the new cut scores would have affected their prior 2022 year A-F scores, OnDataSuite has temporarily replaced the associated 2022 manual cut score tables with the refreshed cut score tables.

As of 01/13/2023 TEA has not released the AEA cut scores or district level cut scores so we have not made any changes to these items in the associated tables until we receive further updates. Until then users can view their prior year 2022 A-F scores using the 2023 released refreshed cut scores to the best of our ability.

TEA released January Updates to Preliminary 2023 A-F Refresh Framework January 2023

TEA released Preliminary 2023 A–F Refresh Cut Scores and Scaling Resources January 2023

Important note regarding required file uploads used in 2022 A-F calculations
Several files were required to be uploaded into OnDataSuite’s file center during the 2022 A-F reporting year in order for the calculations to be effective.

If you used OnDataSuite’s A-F section as a predictor prior to receiving your districts final TEA rating and felt that our numbers were close, then you most likely will not need to load any past year files. However, if you did not use OnDataSuite’s A-F reporting section last year, you will need to visit this knowledge base article for more information on file loads necessary in the 2022 year.

For more information about 2022 file upload requirements please visit this KB article

What changed
Nothing was changed in the calculation of the A-F in our reports other than how the calculated results relate back to their respective cut score tables.

Updated on 01/13/2023

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