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CCMR Support – CTE Post Secondary Licensures

Summary: This report will pull a list of licensures that have been coded for prior years, as well as the count of students to which they apply.

Usage: Use the report to review which licensures have been coded to courses. Compare with the TEA approved list of possible licensures. Ensure that courses than can be coded with licensures are coded correctly.

NOTE: This is one of the CCMR elements.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS/Leaver Record

Licensure Element 1586

StudentGraduationProgramExtension (HB 2804)


Leaver-students reported in Fall PEIMS who have left the district during the PRIOR year. Example-A 2017-18 graduate would be reported in the fall of 2018-19.

Licensure indicates a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry
certification or license earned by a student usually via a CTE course.

Updated on 11/04/2021

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