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CRDC 2021-2022 Reporting

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CRDC Updates:

5/11/2023 – Update on USDE OCR CRDC Resource Center page (posted on our FB page)

  • At this time, OCR anticipates that the CRDC data submission system will open Winter 2023, for LEAs to submit their data for the 2021–22 CRDC. As soon as OCR establishes the specific data submission period, LEAs will be notified. 

5/10/2023 – OnDataSuite I Love PEIMS Facebook page

  • The following letter was recently sent by the US Dept of Education to Superintendents in Texas: US Dept of Education Letter to Superintendents
  • The upcoming CRDC collection will be based on 21-22 year data. Once the USDE releases the proper documentation, OnDataSuite will update the CRDC extraction process ASAP. We will also schedule workshops and communicate with everyone when the time comes.
  • The OCR CRDC Registration Instructions video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQP5Qrd2fDE 
    • This is what is due June 30th!

4/4/2023 – OnDataSuite April Newsletter

  • We are still awaiting documentation from OCR regarding the 2021-2022 CRDC reporting. Once final file specifications are released, we will be updating questions, logic, etc. to get ready for our OnDataSuite CRDC trainings. Our understanding at this time is that the submission will be occurring during the summer. In preparation, you might want to review the following link for documentation concerning the proposed data elements: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/2021-22-crdc-data-elements.pdf
Updated on 05/30/2023

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