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Q1: Why isn’t the value in the LEA form SSPR-1 question the same as the fall snapshot total for the district?

A: Only students ages 3 and older based on 9/1/2020 are included in the ENRL-1 school form question since it starts with “preschool”, not early education. If a student is EE and younger than age 3, they will not be included and therefore will not count in the sum of students for the LEA form SSPR-1 question.

Q2: Why isn’t the value in the ENRL-1 school form question the same as the fall snapshot total for the campus?

A: Only students ages 3 and older based on 9/1/2020 are included in the ENRL-1 school form question since it starts with “preschool”, not early education. If a student is EE and younger than age 3, they will not be included. We are including EE students age 3 since there are instances of full day students being served in both PK and EE who are reported with an EE grade level.

Q3: Why are you using the September 1st age for preschool information instead of the snapshot age?

A: We use the September 1st age so that we don’t put a 2 year old in the 3 years of age for preschool when more than likely they are an Early Education student.  We also don’t want to lose students since there isn’t an absolute way to determine preschool based on grade level, so we have to decide where the 3 years should count, preschool or not at all in the school form. We erred on the side of including the 3 year old EE students in the school form.

If you want to change the figures because of a different interpretation, you can do that in the CSV extract or in the USDE CRDC submission tool, but there are many questions that include preschool students, so you might receive warning messages in the tool if the counts don’t match up.

Q4: Do we need to upload a blank custom data source file even if we have no data for that question to ensure null/zeroes extract correctly to the CSV files?

A: No, we will extract either nulls or zeroes according to the flat file specifications document provided by OCR.

Q5: What date are you using for the Fall Snapshot 2020 date?

A: We are utlizing the PEIMS Fall snapshot date of October 30, 2020. We did receive confirmation in writing from the CRDC Partner Support Center on 11/18/2021 that this is acceptable.

Q6: If a student changes campuses during the school year, what is their CRDC campus for reporting?


  • For Fall snapshot, the campus reported on 10/30/2020.
  • For year long questions:
    • COUR – Campus where the course was completed
      • PEIMS data source – Campus where the incident occurred
      • Custom data source –  Campus in the CSV file upload tied to the PEIMS attendance campus to ensure student attended at least one day at that campus
    • RSTR – Campus in the CSV file upload tied to the PEIMS restraint campus to ensure student had at least one restraint at that campus

Q7:  SECR-1- Our security staff are not employed by our district. Can we make up the staff id numbers in the custom data source file uploads to update the two questions?

A:  No, staff id numbers cannot be made up. If the staff are not contained in your PEIMS fall file submission, we will not be able to calculate the FTEs for the two questions since this would require number of days employed and percent days employed.  In this case, you would need to update the information in the CSV extract file or simply straight into the CRDC data entry tool.

Q8:  Should I wait until we upload from OnDataSuite into the CRDC data entry tool before I hand enter the things I know that I will need to hand enter? For example: It would take longer to build a file for our security guards/law enforcement than it would to just enter it.

A:  If the OnDataSuite CSV extract file has a blank for the particular element, it will not overwrite data in the CRDC data entry tool. Any other value will overwrite data in the CRDC data entry tool.  The example listed in the question (SECR-1) will have a zero in the extract, so if it remains a zero, it will overwrite the data in the CRDC data entry tool with zeroes. If the zeroes are removed in the extract so that there are blanks in the field, it will not overwrite the data already in the CRDC data entry tool.

Q9:  I have made some changes to my CSV extract, and when I try to upload to the CRDC data entry tool, it is trying to load some strange numbers with a + sign and won’t load my data.

A:  If you open the CSV extract instead of a straight upload to the CRDC site, the NCES number is corrupted. Basically, Excel changes numbers 12 digits or greater to a scientific notation, and once that is saved to a CSV file format, it loses the real number behind the scenes. There is no option to turn this off in Excel.

The solution is once you open the CSV extract in Excel, right click on the NCES number field (SCH_ID column), change the Format Cells to “Number” for the Category with 0 Decimal places, and click OK. This will convert the equation to the actual NCES number and then you can manipulate the file, save as CSV, and upload to the CRDC data entry tool without any issues.

You only have to do this if you open up the CSV extract file instead of uploading it straight from your downloads folder or wherever you stored it.

If you already opened the file and saved it as a CSV file without the number conversion, the original NCES number cannot be recovered.  You must export the download file again!

The CRDC site has some excellent documents on the issue of converting your NCES number in Excel and saving your file in the CSV format:

Troubleshooting School or LEA IDs Converted by Excel (see Fix #2)

How to Convert Excel Files into CSV Files

Q10:  I am looking at several questions which should show data, but I am only seeing zeroes, blanks, or the orange wording stating that the question will be skipped. Can you please help?

A:  Things to check for data not appearing when it is expected:

  1. Ensure all files have been loaded to the File Center
  2. Ensure all School Form Edit Questions have been answered first
    The SCHR-1 question is crucial for accuracy! It contains grade levels and drives the majority of the questions in CRDC!
  3. Ensure you are on the correct campus.  Use the campus filter to change campuses if necessary:

Q11: I filled out data on all of the LEA Form CRCO-2 questions’ rows, but when I extract, no data appears. What happened?

A:  Ensure that all CRCO-1 questions’ rows are appropriately answered. If a row has “No”, no data will extract for CRCO-2. This is a great example of a “guiding” question.

Added after 12/10/2021 webinar

Q12: How can I see what Service IDs are being included in the COUR questions?

A:  Look for the “Show Service ID’s used to determine this question” down arrow and click on it to see a list of the service IDs included. Click it again to collapse the section.

Q13: OFFN-1 – Number of Incidents: Shouldn’t all of this data populate automatically from the PEIMS data?

A: There is not a definitive way to apply the disciplinary action reason codes to most of the columns for this question. Some reasons:

  • PEIMS doesn’t indicate with any type of disciplinary code “with weapon” or “without weapon”, so that eliminates the majority of the columns.
  • PEIMS does not differentiate a threat from an actual physical attack.
  • In the last column, Possession of a firearm or explosive device, we are pulling PEIMS disciplinary action reason code 11-Brought a Firearm to School or Unlawful carrying of a Handgun, but the definition also includes an explosive device which has no specific action reason code. If you have these situations, you will want to alter the total to include the explosive device incidents.

Q14: How do I know which data can be uploaded into OnDataSuite and which data must be manually entered?

A: There are a couple of ways to see where the source of a question’s data comes from:

  • In the CRDC School Form, as you go through the questions, look for “Edit your data” or “Upload” buttons on the far right hand side of the question. If there is an “Upload” button, this question requires a CUSTOM Data Source file to be loaded in order to hook to the PEIMS information and fill out the question. If it is an “Edit your data” question, it needs to be answered on the CRDC Report Center, School Form Edit Questions, left hand side of screen.
  • On the Check List and Data Map screen, look for red Xs under the columns after the Common Data Sources columns. This indicates that a CUSTOM data source upload must be completed in order for the question to be filled out. Using the ARRS questions as examples, once you upload data if applicable for these questions, the red X will turn to a green checkmark.

Q15: I am reviewing the School Form Edit Questions and need to know if we need to put “0” when the answer should be zero or do we just leave it blank?

A: No, we will extract either nulls or zeroes according to the flat file specifications document provided by OCR. If you view the edit question in the CRDC School Form on a specific campus, you will see the zero for appropriate questions.

Q16: I have some retention students who did not return in the 2021-2022 school year (no shows), but they are not showing in the RETN grade level questions. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, there is no “retained” indicator sent to PEIMS in the summer submission, so all we can do programmatically is look at the end of the year grade level in PEIMS summer 2020-2021 compared to the grade level reported in the PEIMS fall 2021-2022 submission (including not enrolled on snapshot students).

The OCR instructions state: A student is retained if he or she is not promoted to the next grade prior to the beginning of the following school year. Basically, the one group of students we cannot capture are no show students who were determined to be retained at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. If you decide that the RETN grade level questions’ counts need further updating, you can either update in the CSV extract file (either the full Sections EXAM to DISC extract or more easily the Download Flat File Extract in the Update Log dated 1/7/2022) or straight into the OCR CRDC data entry tool.

Added after 1/14/2022 webinar

Q17: We employ two law enforcement officers who serve multiple campuses. How do we upload these employees for the SECR-1 question since they cover multiple campuses?

A: If you have an employee who is reported through PEIMS who covers multiple campuses, this employee must be either updated on the extract CSV file or hand entered in the OCR CRDC data entry tool AFTER all CSV files from OnDataSuite have been uploaded. This is because the number days employed and percent day employed is not reported by campus for the employee in PEIMS. Basically, only employees who are assigned to one campus can be uploaded with a Custom Data Sources file.

Please see TWEDS under DR2 for how FTEs are calculated:

Once you have that FTE, you could then divide that out by how many campuses they service to get an FTE by campus. This is making an assumption that their time is split evenly across the campuses they serve. If not, you might want to get with the HR/payroll department to see if they have a suggestion as to how to disseminate the FTEs across campuses.

If wanting to update the CSV file out of OnDataSuite, this can be completed by using the Extract School Form CSVs>Sections EXAM to DISC download file


  • SCH_FTESECURITY_LEO (Law Enforcement Officers)
  • SCH_FTESECURITY_GUA (Security Guards)

Just remember that once you open the CSV file, you must convert the first column, SCH_ID, to numeric, 0 decimals for it to upload to the OCR tool. Please see Q9 for further information.

Q18: Can I import my CRDC files from my SIS to OnDataSuite?

A: No, most SIS sytems have their own CRDC reporting tool that has the CSV extract files that can be loaded to the OCR CRDC data entry tool just as we do. We are basically calculating the same values that can be exported to a CSV file with the appropriate column headings as the SIS, but more than likely using different logic since we purely use the PEIMS state reporting for the majority of the questions.

The only data that would be uploaded into OnDataSuite would be the CUSTOM Data Sources files found on the right hand side of the CRDC Report Center screen, and they should contain a simple student ID and county/district/campus number (or staff ID if uploading for the SECR-1 question). This 2 column format could be exported from your SIS, or any other data tool or manual reporting you have, for answering these particular questions.

Please see the instructions starting at the bottom of page 9 for more information on the CUSTOM Data Sources files:

Updated on 02/02/2022

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