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CTE program code changes

In 2020-21 TEA changed the way CTE codes were going to be collected/sent to them for reporting.
There are no longer CTE codes 1 or 2 for Fall or Summer PEIMS.

Now, TEA assigns each student a CTE code according to how many and what type of CTE courses they have passed.

However, On the Summer Dashboard, there are 3 different ways to look at the CTE data from the Summer PEIMS files
-Who has a CTE service ID
-Who has CTE V codes
-Who has a CTE code as assigned by OnDataSuite

NOTE: CTE codes assigned by OnDataSuite has a report associated with it which is located under Student/CTE/ CTE Coding Summary. Open the report and use the Tools drop down to locate Report Info for details.

Updated on 02/02/2022

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