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Discontinuation of 2023 A-F Refresh Tables in 2022 A-F reports

Last month, in an attempt to facilitate the requests of several district requests, OnDataSuite attempted to temporarily update the established A-F reference cut scores and scaling tables used in the 2022 A-F rating system tools with TEA released Preliminary A-F refreshed cut scores and scaling resources. We DID NOT include any other updates to the A-F calculations other than the replacement of these tables.

This process was provided as a courtesy to all districts attempting to see what their prior year district and campus ratings would have been (What-if?) using the new cut and scale scores. While this process did provide some insight into the calculation of Domain 1, it has been determined that it has created too much confusion with respect to overall A-F scores. Simply put, there are too many other forthcoming changes in addition to the table changes that will affect overall predicted outcomes.

Effective immediately we are restoring the 2022 A-F back end tables to their original state and removing all preliminary refresh data tables. Your OnDataSuite A-F Rating System 2022 will be reflective of all TEA manual guidance for the 2022 year.

We are sorry for any confusion the update may have caused and we will be focusing on following TEA’s guidance for the upcoming 2023 accountability calculations. If you have any questions about this change, please submit a ticket to request a call back to discuss this further.

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Updated on 02/10/2023

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