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Draft – TEAL CCMR Verifier – Accepted Data File Layout

Districts will have access to two different verifier files depending on the data file release made available under their TEAL account. Below is how OnDataSuite processes each file into the file center.

How to upload current year verifier file

Loading the 2024 CCMR (Preliminary) Verifier File- Posted late May 2024
The CCMR Verifier file will be an Excel document with multiple tabs.
The first tab should contain a glossary and then each separate tab will contain each individual reported campus. This file is provided to districts as a preliminary view of students CCMR status prior to the posting of the Final CCMR Verifier LISTING file.

Step 1. Find file in TEAL
Districts can obtain this file through their TEAL Accountability Login by clicking on the link titled “2024 College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Verifier (posted 2024) as shown below

Step 2. Download the file
When selected the link will take you to the Student Data Change Request page. There is a link on the left side of the screen that will say ‘2024 Preliminary CCMR Student Listing (Excel)’ Click on this link and save the file to your desktop. (Do not make any changes to the file )

Step 3. Upload file into OnDataSuite Verifier file center
In your OnDataSuite file center, click on the blue CCMR VERIFER button and then click on the green upload button. Upload the CCMR Verifier Prelim file here.

How to upload the FINAL verifier LISTING file

TEA provides a FINAL verifier LISTING file a few weeks after the preliminary verifier file has been removed from your TEAL site. When you load this listing file, it will overwrite your district’s uploaded preliminary verifier file in OnDataSuite. Districts are encouraged to make a copy of this file prior to uploading the LISTING file.

The CCMR FINAL Verifier LISTING file will be a CSV document and will only have one tab (Released August) This file is the FINAL file TEA will provide to the districts for the year.

STEP 1. In your TEAL Account select the Final College, Career, and Military Readiness CCMR Student LISTING. Note that TEA will leave the prior year Listing file in the absence of the most recent release. (The example image below shows the 2023 released listing file as available until the 2024 listing file is released)


You will be given the option to download this file in 4 different ways. Please select the ‘District CSV Download’ option.

STEP 3. Load the Listing file into the Verifier file center location under the PRIOR year.

Note: For the 2024 year districts have received PRELIM files prior to the final listing. The file center does accept this file and does not require a year selection. When districts receive their 2024 Final LISTING and the file is uploaded, it will overwrite the prelim file.

There is no year selection required for this upload at this time

How to verify that your file loaded

To verify that your file has loaded there is a report located under the Accountability section, nested under the CCMR Folder

Tips to making sure your file loaded

1. Make sure the date available in the year selector represents the year of your file upload graduates. So in example: If you load the 2023 Verifier file and use this report, you would use the 2021-2022 dropdown because the 2023 file represents the 2022 graduates.

2. Look at the bottom of the list for the total rows of students represented in the file. The total should match the exact number of rows represented in your uploaded excel document.

Compare your CCMR EWS to the Verifier/Listing File once uploaded

CCMR EWS allows you to compare your TEA-released CCMR Verifier Files for past year graduates to your OnDataSuite CCMR EWS report. These files can be uploaded into OnDataSuite from the File Center TEAL category in OnDataSuite.

These files are used to compare results from your CCMR EWS report located in the accountability section of OnDataSuite.

CCMR Verifier (Past year Graduates)

Example: To compare your 2024 TEAL CCMR Verifier file against the CCMR EWS report you will need to associate the year to the previous year. This years file (2024) is associated to the 2022-2023 year and the current dropdown selector has been set to 2021-2022. This is because the file you received in 2024 is a list of the 2023 graduates.

Once uploaded this file will allow the report to align your last year’s CCMR EWS students to the CCMR Verifier file.

Once you have uploaded your verifier file for the current year, you will be able to run your CCMR EWS report for the prior year and compare your Verifier file data

How to use the verifier file to compare the TEA Verifier to your OnDataSuite CCMR EWS report

To compare your Verifier file to your CCMR EWS report go to the CCMR Early Warning System report under your Accountability Tab and click on the Show/Hide Filters button at the top of the screen.

You will want to filter to the past year, filter for only grade 12 and select the ‘compare with TEA verifier File’ option

For example, to compare this years 2022 TEA Verifier file to your last year graduated seniors, you would select 2020-2021 from the CCMR EWS filter option.

Important note about uploading newly released verifier files into your file center

Each year, when TEA releases the verifier file, they do not provide vendors with an annual data file format in advance. Because we do not have prior knowledge of the newly released file structure, it may take a few days before you can upload this file into your OnDataSuite file center. Once the file structure has been confirmed and we are ready to take in your file, we will update the year dropdown selector and you will be able to upload this file.

After loading your file you may review its contents using the CCMR Verifier report located under the CCMR – College, Career & Military Ready folder

Updated on 06/20/2024

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