Emergent Bilingual – File Center Locations

The following data file uploads are required when working with Emergent Bilingual sections

Data Source (s)

  • TSDS PEIMS – Student Information System (SIS)
    • Summer  
  • TEAL – TEA Final Grad and Dropout files for the RDA BE/ESL/EL Indicator #9: EL Graduation Rate report
  • Assessment
    • TELPAS
  • Check file uploads
    • Scroll toward the bottom of the data sources screen to view list of files uploaded
    • PEIMS files – click on “Info” or “Data” to open up and see list of interchanges/sections
  • Note the year and status of the file (final or preliminary).
  • This data will populate the dashboards/reports you are about to view.
  • We recommend a current year SUMMER PEIMS file  be loaded as soon as possible, even though it may be a “preliminary” file.

 “PRELIMINARY file” means that the data is NOT the “FINAL” file that will be sent to TEA and therefore expect counts to change.

NOTE: Contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if  “fresh”, more current file(s) need to be loaded.

Updated on 05/24/2023

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