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FAQ for ODS Auto Calculation of CTE Code and Program of Study

Q1: My student has more than 3 courses with at least 4 credits, why are they a CTE Code 6 instead of 7?


  • Ensure all courses you are counting are in the correct course sequence (0, 2, 5, 9, D0, D2, D5, D9). If the same service ID is reported twice, but both course sequence codes indicate the first part of the course, for example, 1 and D1, none of the parts will be used in the calculation.
  • Verify that all completion parts of the courses you are counting are passing (01 or 08).

Q2: My student has many CTE courses, and the sum of credits is greater than 4, why are they being counted as a CTE code E instead of 6 or 7?


  • See question 1.
  • Verify that at least two courses are in the same program of study. If a program of study only has one service ID tied to it, the student can’t be a CTE code 6 or 7 because the courses aren’t in the same program of study.

Q3: How do I know how many credits and what levels the service IDs have?

A3: Please see the TEA reference document, Source Data, for the appropriate year:

Q4: I have a student who has more CTE courses than what is showing on the report, therefore, the CTE code is incorrect.  Why is that?

A4: Currently, we can only use what has been reported to PEIMS through course completion records.  If a student received their courses from another LEA, these courses would not be accounted for in the report. 

Please see kb article for information on loading CTE transfer courses to more accurately calculate the codes:

Q5: Why is my student showing as CTE code 4 when they have a CTE course in a prior year?

A5: Currently, only CTE courses that are associated with a program of study are being used for the calculations of CTE and program of study codes.  There are some CTE service IDs that are no longer valid but were valid in the past.  Please see the Source Data document in A3, the Non-POS CTE Service IDs tab to see these service IDs.

Q6: When a student has both a 6 and 7 CTE code, how can I see which code belongs to which program of study?

A6: Use Column Options to add a grouping on the Program of Study Code.  This will separate the rows for students who have both a CTE code 6 and 7 with the matching program of study code(s).

Q7: I have many students in middle school who are not in CTE, why are my CTE Codes 4-Not CTE so low?

A7: We are only calculating the CTE Code for students who have had at least one CTE course, either current or prior years, so students not on this list are automatically considered not in CTE.

Updated on 07/25/2022

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