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Flexible Attendance Report

Summary: Report displays Flexible Attendance by grade level, Minutes and Eligible Days, as well as any CTE, PRS, SPED, Bil/ESL and GT days. Lastly, the Refined ADA is calculated.

Usage: Review amount of minutes/days in each field for accuratcy, as related to funding. If your LEA/School is not approved for this program, there should not be any minutes/days/ADA claimed.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS file – Flexible Attendance Codes and Flexible Attendance Program Type Codes on the Student Program Extension (500, 505, 510 records)

OFSDP-Submission 3 only

HSEP-Submission 3 only

OFSDP-Submission 4 only

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

TEC 39.0822 http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/ED/htm/ED.29.htm#29.0822

Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

  • Min of 45 min a day
  • Max of 600 min a day
  • 2 hr= 1/2 day
  • 4 hr = full day
  • 720 hrs = 1 fte
  • Total student minutes/ (number days taught x 60 min) = Days Present
  • Days Present/number of days taught = ADA
Updated on 11/04/2021

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