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Loading District – General Ledger

Most if not all LEA financial software products contain a feature where the user may create a general ledger extract file. The extract contains a general ledger account balances at the moment of extract. OnDataSuite users may upload the extract file into OnDataSuite and query the data in the PEIMS Finance report center. The extract file is most often used annually during the LEA financial audit.  The file is typically extracted and given to the auditor who then uses it for evaluation purposes. The general ledger extract file fields are listed below (PEIMS Element ID referenced in parenthesis)

  • Year
  • County District ID (E0212)
  • Fund Code (E0316)
  • Function (E0317)
  • Object Code (E0318)
  • Sub Object Code – Local Option Code 1 and 2
  • Campus/Organization (E0319)
  • Fiscal Year (E0974)
  • Program Intent (E0320)
  • Local Option Code 3
  • Local Option Code 4
  • Actual Amount (E0774)
  • Budget Amount (E0321)
Updated on 04/29/2022

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