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Per Pupil Expenditures All Funds

Summary: Displays expenditures per pupil by object code. Can view different years, campuses, and programs

Usage: Review for accuracy and program objectives.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS submission and Mid Year PEIMS Submission.


Include Special Ed Funds and Students
-Total Fall Student Snapshot Count from StudentExtension Complex Type (40100) with ADA Codes (E0787) 1,2,3,4,5,6 (NOTE: Excludes students coded 0)
– PEIMS ActualExtension Complex Type (20032) on Object Codes (E0318) for Codes 6000 – 6999.

Exclude Special Ed Funds and Students
-Student ADA as above, but excludes Special Ed Students as indicated on the Fall PEIMS StudentProgramExtension Complex Type (40110)  where Special Ed Indicator (E0794)= 0
-Same Object codes as above and excludes SOED PIC codes from total where Program Intent code E0320 = 23 & 33 (Code Table C147) from ActualExtension Complex Type(20032).

Show only SPED Funds and Students
-Displays students coded SPED in Fall PEIMS StudentProgramExtension Complex Type 40110( E0794) and PIC code of SPED from MidYear PEIMS ActualExtension Complex Type(20032) (E0320)=23 or 33 with Object codes listed above ( E0318).

Resources for definitions and calculations:
Example: Data Used for an 09-10 school year report.
– Fall snapshot count for 09-10 from the fall PEIMS submission submitted during the 09-10 school year.
– Actual 09-10 financial data from the Mid year financial submission submitted during 10-11 school year.
– Actual expenditures for a school year are submitted to TEA the following school year. Example; all revenue and expenditures for the 15-16 school year are reported to TEA in January 2017, during the 16-17 school year. Therefore, updated data for this report can only be generated by the district during the following year.

Updated on 10/11/2021

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