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Preview Next Year Census Tiers

Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports > Student Funding Detail Reports > Preview Next Year Census Tiers

Summary: This report provides a “what if” preview of next year HB3 Student Census Tier and Residential Placement data related for compensatory education funding. The report is based upon the latest year Fall PEIMS Census Block Group and the next year TEA Census Tier Mapping regarding State Compensatory Education (SCE) Program from TEA. 

*Recommended timeframe for report relevancy is April – September after TEA has released the next year Census Tier Mapping and prior to LEA updating next year Census Block Group for Fall PEIMS reporting.   (see references below).

Usage: Use report to preview changes in the TEA Census Block Group Mapping to Census Tiers for preliminary next year budget planning and summary of finance template funding projections for state compensatory education.   

NOTE:  For 2022-2023 preview using 2021-2022 Fall PEIMS, the reporting may be very skewed due to the 2022-2023 Census Block Groups increasing from 15, 811 to 18,638 and the entire state Census Block Groups were renumbered.  Reference State Compensatory Education (SCE) Census Block Groups 2022-2023

Data Source(s): 

  • Fall PEIMS records
    • InterchangeStudentExtension
      • 40100 – Student Basic Information – Student Extension40110 – Enrollment – Student School Association Extension
  • TEA Census Block – State Funding menu
    • Census Block Tier Mapping for 20xx  (TEA typically releases next year mapping each spring)


Tier counts are provided in the following subsets:

  • Census Block (GeoID) : student’s residence census block SES Tier associated with the students’ Fall PEIMS Census Block Group (E1648) information reported in PEIMS. Using the respective school year Census Block Group Mapping for 20xx State Funding reference from the TEA Census Block State Funding site to link the Census Block Group (E1648) to the reported SES Tier.
  • Census Block (GeoID) Reported – Lowest Tier Default :student’s reporting a Census Block Group (E1648) in Fall PEIMS that is not assigned an SES Funding Tier in the respective TEA Census Block Tier Mapping for 20xx State Funding reference.
    • Per TEA guidance, any Census Block Group reported with insufficient data to assign a funding tier will be assigned the lowest funding tier – Tier 1.

    Homeless: Homeless (E1082) (C189) = 2, 3, 4 or 5 student’s assigned Tier 5 funding effective 2020-2021.

Grand Total = Tier 1-5 Totals

No Tier Assigned:

  • Residential Placement Facility – parent does not reside in district, Eco Dis students w/o Disability:
    • # Economic Disadvantaged: student’s with Student Attribution (E1000) = 21 or 23 AND Eco Dis (E0785) = 01, 02, 99 AND ADA Eligibility (E0787) = 1, 2, 3, 6 or 7 AND Homeless (E1082) = 0 AND Primary Disability (E0042) = 00. Per TEA guidance HB3 Update – Residential Facility Data Reporting and Funding Update these students do not report Census Block data and the SCE allotment is calculated separate from Tier 1 – Tier 5 funding.


    • Year (Default most current year of Fall PEIMS data)
    • Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Grade Level (Default All Grades)
    • Focus List (Default none)Filters:
    • Drill down on counts to see a detailed list of students and their current year census tier.

Special Notes: As TEA updates HB3 funding changes to state compensatory education, the reports will be updated. Per initial guidance, the census tiers are to be evaluated annually and updated by TEA each Spring.

Resources for Calculations:

TEA HB3 Resource page: https://tea.texas.gov/About_TEA/Government_Relations_and_Legal/Government_Relations/House_Bill_3

July 11, 2019 TEA posted initial guidance on HB3 State Compensatory Education Program changes. Reference the HB3 in 30 video and resources posted at https://tea.texas.gov/about-tea/government-relations-and-legal/government-relations/hb-3-30-video-series

July 12, 2019 TEA released To The Administrator Addressed (TAA) update on HB3 Implementation: State Compensatory Education

HB3 Update – Residential Facility Data Reporting and Funding Update

November 7, 2019 TEA release (TAA) update on HB3 Implementation Compensatory Education Allotment Advisory Committee

May 19, 2022 TEA release (TAA) update on 2022-2023 State Compensatory Education (SCE) Allotment Census Block Groups

Updated on 08/15/2022

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