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Show description of codes and elements

These options allow a user to turn on/off the description of codes and elements on the fall and summer dashboards.  The default is to turn off the descriptions, Off, but by clicking Preview, you can see an example of what the dashboard will display if On.

On will turn on the descriptions which can be useful if printing the dashboard for certain roles, for example principals, where an explanation of the data source is valuable.

Open reports in new tabs

The default to open reports in new tabs is Off.  Changing the option to On will allow data validation, custom, and accountability reports to run in a separate tab so that you can continue to work in the system without waiting for a report to complete.  You can run as many reports desired and each will open up in a new browser tab.

Change default homepage

Set the default homepage when logging in to either Dashboards or My Dashboards.

Updated on 06/12/2023

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