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2024 A-F Reporting Update Log

OnDataSuite is in the process of setting our system up for the upcoming 2024 Accountability A-F Reporting year. We are hopeful that we will be able to start calculations sometime soon but we do not have a definitive schedule out yet.

Please continue to check this page for future posts as we progress toward the upcoming reporting year for more information. Thank you for your patience.

Update Log
5/23/24Announcement of OnDataSuite Accountability 2024 Q&A – Status update meeting #2 Scheduled for Friday May 31, 20244

We will be hosting our second A-F status meeting on Friday May 31, 2024 and will be posting the registration link sometime tomorrow (5/24) under the OnDataSuite training page section.

Tentative agenda items for this meeting will include:
Discussion of A-F reporting area restriction/release role assignment progress
Review of OnDataSuite Accountability & Assessment Group future calendar dates
5/21/24Question about release of upcoming A-F

We have started to receive tickets from districts questioning when the preliminary A-F accountability ratings will be available. These questions were addressed in the first A-F Q&A Session we provided on 04/26/24

As a reminder, we are anticipating being able to calculate district A-F by sometime mid July when all available final files are available. We do not plan on using the prelim files for any prelim prediction. However, if preliminary files do contain the data necessary to for the system to start the calculations, we may be able to start the calculations by mid June. It just depends of the files. Our system is ready to calculate the data IF all the required files contain the necessary information AND if all files are available for ALL associated calculations.

Suggested A-F support video to watch
If you were not able to attend our April A-F session, we highly recommend watching our first A-F Q&A session titled “OnDataSuite Accountability 2024 Q&A – Preparation Stage” presented on 04/26/24. The video and supporting handout can be found under the ‘Training’ tab in your OnDataSuite account using the keyword “Accountability”

Key items addressing this subject can be found in the following sections of the video link:

Mark 32:40 – We discuss the anticipated preliminary release date of A-F
Mark 33:43 – We show the testing release calendar and discuss dates that we are planning to use for A-F Accountability
5/09/24OnDataSuite Accountability 2024 Q&A – Status update meeting 05/10/24 Agenda Items Posted

The following items will be discussed in the upcoming 05/10/24 OnDataSuite Accountability 2024 Q&A Session. If you wish to sign up, please visit the Training page from within your OnDataSuite account and register.

1. Provide update on status of file center upload status report

2. Review updated Supplement File and how it will affect the CCMR EWS and A-F until the Verifier is loaded.
3. Request feedback on suggested monthly accountability meeting day/time

4. John Fessenden of lead4ward will provide updates on accountability connect/ OnDataSuite reporting

5. Open Forum Q&A
4/22/24A-F Setup – Preliminary Q&A Zoom sessions added to OnDataSuite training page

We have added 2 online Zoom Q&A sessions to help districts prepare for the upcoming 2024 OnDataSuite calculation of their preliminary/predicted A-F accountably.

Users may register for these sessions by going into their OnDataSuite account and clicking on the ‘Training’ tab in the topmost menu bar in black. Search for keyword ‘Accountability’ and make sure to click the register button. For those that cannot make it, all sessions will be recorded.

Q&A Session 1 – We will go over required file center uploads, discuss timelines of anticipated report release and open this session up for any questions districts my have.
Session date: Friday 04/26/24 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Q&A Session 2 – This session is scheduled for two weeks after the first Q&A to provide progress details and answer any in depth questions from our districts
Session date: Friday 05/10/24 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Updated on 05/23/2024

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