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ESC Capacity Grant Performance 6 Homeless

Summary: This report produces Performance 6 of the ESC Capacity Grant Report for homeless counts and promotion rates, both required and optional information.

  • Note: Graduation rates can be found viewing the Support>Training>Training Videos>ESC>2019-2020 ESC Capacity Grant Report Performance 6 Graduation Rates video.

Usage: This report is used to help complete the Performance 6 area of the ESC Capacity Grant Report and requires the files listed under Data Sources below to be uploaded to the File Center for all districts.

Data Sources:

  • 2018-2019 Summer PEIMS (promotion rates)
  • 2019-2020 Fall PEIMS (contains leavers for 18-19)
  • 2019-2020 Summer PEIMS (counts)

Definitions and Calculations:

  • Counts and Percentages are determined by unique counts of students. If a student moves from one district to another district in the same year (counts) or from one year to the next (promotion rates), the student is only counted once.
  • If utilizing ad hoc querying to review, please be sure to drill into summary totals to review student totals at the unique ID level for accurate counts.
    • For example, if you run a report for homeless students at a particular grade level for summer enrollment 2019-2020, this will count a student at multiple districts multiple times. You must drill into the query to see a unique count of students regardless of how many districts attended.
  • ESC Capacity Grant Report Homeless Performance 6 Definitions

Special Note:

  • 12th Grade Promotion Rates do not include seniors who have graduated (leaver reason code E1001 = 01) prior to 2019. This eliminates special education students who graduated in the past but are repeating 12th grade for further services.


  • Drill down on counts or percentages to see detailed student lists.
    • Promotion rates will display the denominator detailed student list and will include values that can help determine the numerator.
Updated on 11/03/2021

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