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2021 Alternative Evaluation

2021 Predicted Alternate Evaluation Report Summary – Lists Campuses
2021 Predicted Alternate Evaluation Campus Details – Details Components

This report will only list campuses whose prior year rating was a ‘D’ or ‘F’ or ‘Required Improvement’
Campuses listed in this report can be drilled down to the detail view to review individual component totals.

2021 Participation Rate: All Students, All Subjects
Calculated current year participation rate for each campus to determine if the preliminary participation rate was greater than or equal to 95%. This calculation uses the TEA released 2021 Alternative Evaluation FAQ (July 2021) methodology shown in item 6 on page 2 of the following FAQ document.


Eligible for 2021 Alternative Evaluation?
Calculated participation must be >=95% and prior year 1365 Eligible Rating must be D,F or RI

2021 Student Achievement Domain Scaled Score
Calculated following TEA manual specifications for 2021

2021 Relative Performance Domain Scaled Score*
* As determined by 2019 manual guidance.

Average of 2021 Student Achievement and Relative Performance Scaled Scores
2021 Student Achievement Domain Scaled Score = 58
2021 Relative Performance Domain Scaled Score* = 57
Average (58, 59) = 57.5 ——————> Rounded up = 58

Updated on 11/03/2021

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