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21-22 TPAR Operational Minutes Adjustment Report

Summary: This report is to estimate the qualitifcation for an adjustment to 21-22 ADA based on actual attendance rates for the first 4 six weeks compared to 19-20 Target Percentage Attendance Rate (TPAR) as defined by TEA in the “To The Administrator Addressed” letter 3-29-22.

Usage: Use this report to estimate the TEA 21-22 TPAR adjustment to 1st-4th six weeks ADA for funding purposes .

Special Notes: This report is only valid for 21-22 TPAR Operational Minutes Adjustment State Funding provisions.

Data Source(s):

PEIMS Summer records (2019-2020 and 2021-2022)

  • Interchange Student Attendance Extension
    • 42400-Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex Type


TPAR Adjustment is met if the 21-22 1st-4th six weeks Attendance Rate is less than the 19-20 1st-4th six weeks Attendance Rate.


*Note: 21-22 includes RA/RS elements (E1678 and E1679). There are no RA/RS elements for 19-20 calculations.

Only 1st – 4th six weeks Reporting Periods will be included in the calculations.

  • Total Eligible Days Present -Sum of PEIMS element E0937. See *Note above
  • Total Ineligible Days Present – Sum of PEIMS element E0936. See *Note above
  • Total Days Present – Sum of Total Eligible Days Present and Total Ineligible Days Present
  • Total Days Absent – Sum of PEIMS element E0036
  • Total Days Membership – Sum of Total Days Present and Total Days Absent. See *Note above
  • 19-20 Total (TPAR) – Total Days Present / Total Days Membership. If there is no 19-20 data, the TEA published state average TPAR (95.3%) will be used.
  • 21-22 Total PIA – Total Days Present / Total Days Membership

21-22 TPAR Adjustment Qualification: Estimated calculation of 21-22 1st-4th six weeks ADA adjustment:

  • If 21-22 PIA is equal/greater than 19-20 TPAR, then No (ineligible for 21-22 Operational Minutes Adjustment)
  • If 21-22 PIA is less than 19-20 TPAR, then Yes (eligible for 21-22 Operational Minutes Adjustment)
    • 1st – 4th six weeks ADA : average of by Reporting Period, ((Total Eligible Days (E0937) + RS Total Eligible Days (E1678) + RA Total Eligible Day (E1679) ) / Number of Days Present
    • ADA Adjustment = 19-20 TPAR / 21-22 PIA
    • 21-22 Actual Refined ADA Adjustment:
      • 1st-4th Six Weeks ADA * ADA Adjustment
      • 5th and 6th Six Weeks ADA = actual reported ADA.
      • Total Refined ADA = (1st-4th Six Weeks ADA + 5th Six Weeks ADA + 6th Six Weeks ADA) / 6
    • Special Program Adjusted ADA/FTE: The respective Special Program area ADA or FTE Adjustments as reflected on the Summary of Finance template: (Special Education, Career & Technical Education, Pregnancy Related Service, BIlingual/ESL, Early Education, PEG and Residential Placement Facility)
      • 1st -4th six weeks actual ADA/FTE
      • 1st-4th Average = (Sum 1st Six Weeks – 4th Six weeks) / 4
      • Adjusted 1st-4th Six Weeks ADA/FTE = 1st-4th Average * ADA Adjustment
      • 5th and 6th six weeks actual ADA/FTE
      • Annual ADA/FTE = (Adjusted 1st-4th Six Weeks ADA/FTE + 5th Six Weeks + 6th Six Weeks ) / 6
  • Resources for Calculations: 
  • TEA State Funding – District & Charter Planning Tools – TPAR for SY2021-2022 Operational Minutes Adjustment
Updated on 05/13/2022

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