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Consolidated Accountability File (CAF)

Updated as of 10/2022

Texas Student Assessment Program CAF – Accepted Data File Layout
This file is typically a text file (.TXT)

The OnDataSuite file center is accepting the CAF file beginning from the 2022 year going forward.

NOTE 11/09/23
Our last CAF File parser was created using the posted TEA data file format as of 08/28/23. As of 11/09/23 this document has been removed from TEA’s posted data file format links page. If districts are aware of any updated/posted data file format, please submit a ticket with the supporting URL.

Below is the format that the 2023 OnDataSuite parser is currently for reference.

Districts are encouraged to confirm that the file they are uploading is the FINAL POSTED CAF file provided from the vendor and that it adheres to the EXACT data file format specifications agreed upon and posted in the Texas Education Agency Data File Formats posted website (link below)

Link to Posted TEA Data File Format Page

CAF files loaded for years PRIOR to 2022 will not be accepted or available for report center queries.

This file currently does not relate its data to any reports in our system. OnDataSuite instead relies on annual, individual state released assessment files at this time.

Where to load files
Files can be loaded from under the Cambium/ETS/Pearson File Center Location

Where to query CAF File

Once a file has been loaded, districts will see the CAF listed under the Other Reports column under the Assessment tab

Updated on 11/09/2023

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