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98 Category Significant Disproportionality Report

Report Location: Accountability>Results Driven Accountability>SPED Significant Disproportionality

Summary: The report displays a grid of the 98 SPED indicators mandated by Federal regulations under 34 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 300, issued on Dec 19, 2016. The race/ethnicity will be labeled across the top and the related RDA categories/indicators in the left column.

Usage: Review the required 98 separate indicators to evaluate districts data regarding:

  • (a) educational placements [14 indicators]
  • (b) special education representation [49 indicators]
  • (c) disciplinary removals [35 indicators]

Special Notes:

  • These indicators will be used to assign PLs of significant disproportionality based on seven racial/ethnic groups and six disability categories, as required.
  • They will be presented as one integrated representation indicator, five integrated discipline indicators, and two integrated educational placements indicators.
  • The federal regulations also require thresholds be set to determine which districts will be identified for significant disproportionality.

Data Sources: Fall and Summer PEIMS Submissions that contain the student’s SPED identification, age, ethnicity and discipline records.

  • Indicators 11 – 13 require PEIMS Fall records for the year filter selected. For example, to see 2021-2022 data in indicators 11-13, PEIMS Fall 2021-2022 must be loaded.
  • Indicators 14 – 18 require PEIMS Summer records for one year prior to the year filter selected. For example, if you have loaded 2021-2022 PEIMS Summer, the report will default to the subsequent year filter, 2022-2023, and indicators 14 – 18 will be populated based on the PEIMS Summer 2021-2022 files loaded.
Updated on 09/09/2022

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