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98 Category Significant Disproportionality Report

Summary: The report displays a grid of the 98 SPED indicators mandated by Federal regulations under 34 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 300, issued on Dec 19, 2016. The race/ethnicity will be labeled across the top and the related PBMAS/DVM indicators in the left column.

Usage: Review the require 98 separate indicators to evaluate districts data regarding:

(a) special education representation [49 indicators]

(b) disciplinary removals [35 indicators];
(c) educational placements [14 indicators].

NOTE: These indicators will be used to assign PLs of significant disproportionality based on seven racial/ethnic groups and six disability categories, as required.

They will be presented as one integrated representation indicator, five integrated discipline indicators, and two integrated educational placements indicators.

The federal regulations also require thresholds be set to determine which districts will be identified for significant disproportionality.

Data Sources: Fall and Summer PEIMS Submissions that contain the student’s SPED identification, age, ethnicity and discipline records. The year of the data source, populates the corresponding year for the report.

Example: In order to view the 2017-18 Report, both Fall and Summer PEIMS files for 2017-18 must be loaded. (Preliminary files accepted.)

Updated on 11/04/2021

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