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Annual Dropout Rate Report

Report Location: Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>A-F Rating System 2022>Domain: Companion Reports

Summary: This report provides a count of students who were enrolled (attended) any time during the school year and the number of these students who dropped out along with a calculated dropout rate by District/Campus.

Usage: Review Domain IV data for 7-8th grades. Review students for 9-12th grades who are being calculated as drop outs.

Special Notes:

  • The graph displayed is defaulted to show the Drop Out Rate by campus. Click on Enrollment/Dropouts/ and or Drop Out Rate in the legend area to graph the other categories.
  • Leaver Reason Code 08-Pregnancy started up again for 2019-2020 dropouts.

Data Source(s): This report uses data from the Summer PEIMS attendance record to find students who were enrolled and in attendance. It also uses the subsequent Fall PEIMS leaver records to find students who were reported as drop outs (leaver reason codes 08 and 98) for that year.


  • Enrollment – Number of students who had attendance for the school year selected.
  • Drop Outs – Number of students who were in attendance (enrolled) but did not return the subsequent year (Leaver Reason Codes 08-Pregnancy or 98 – Other Leaver).


  • Drop Out Rate
    • Drop Outs / Enrollment * 100


  • Filter by:
    • Grade level groups
      • Grades 7-12 (Default)
      • 7-8
      • 9-12
    • Single select Special Population (Default All Students)
      • LEP
      • SPED
    • Single select Ethnicity Race (Default All Students)
    • Single select Year (Default most recent year dropouts left)
  • Toggle Graph button to turn graph on or off
  • Print/Download graph
  • Drill downs on Enrollment and Drop Outs counts
Updated on 06/12/2023

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