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At Risk Criteria Percentages

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Special Programs

Summary: This report displays a count of all students by campus coded At Risk in Fall PEIMS, and each At Risk criteria that can be determined based on data loads, along with the percentages of those At Risk criteria based on the At Risk population.

Usage: Use this report to analyze different At Risk criteria affects on the At Risk student population by Campus and LEA wide.

Special Notes:

Criteria not being attempted

  • is in grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 and did not maintain an average equivalent to 70 on a scale of 100 in two or more subjects in the foundation curriculum during a semester in the preceding or current school year or is not maintaining such an average in two or more subjects in the foundation curriculum in the current semester
    • Course grades not reported to PEIMS
  • is currently on parole, probation, deferred prosecution, or other conditional release
    • No coding available
  • has been incarcerated or has a parent or guardian who has been incarcerated, within the lifetime of the student, in a penal institution as defined by Section 1.07, Penal Code.
    • No coding available

Data Sources:

  • PEIMS Fall
  • PEIMS Summer
  • STAAR 3-8
  • STAAR 3-8 Alt
  • TEA Accountability Ratings Data Download


  • All students coded E0919 – At Risk = 1 in the Fall PEIMS submission are included
  • Please see At Risk Criteria Definitions for details on how the remaining columns are calculated.


  • Total Student Count = students enrolled as of Fall PEIMS Snapshot Date (As of Status Code = B, D, F or X)
  • Campus Percentage = Total At Risk Students / Total Student Count
  • By At Risk Criteria Percentages = Individual At Risk Criterion / Total At Risk Count


  • Filter on:
    • Multi select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Single select Year (Default most recent Fall PEIMS year loaded)
Updated on 06/07/2023

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