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Birthday Report

Report Location: Top black menu bar>Birthday cake icon

Summary: This report will create a list of students and staff who have a birthday on the date of the report (default today’s date).

Usage: Use for birthday celebrations, announcements, etc.

Special Note:

  • Staff birthdays can only be accessed with appropriate authorization. Please see Privacy Options for further information.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Fall and Summer Records


  • Student list pulls all students who are reported in either the fall or summer PEIMS submission
  • Student campus comes from the 40110 school association record (summer if exists, then fall if it doesn’t)
  • Staff list pulls all staff including auxiliary
  • Staff campus comes from the 30060 payroll record (if multiples exist, will show all)
  • Staff Role(s) comes from the 30090 Responsibility record (if multiples exist, will show all) and if no 30090 record, then checks 30050 for Auxiliary Role ID to report.


  • Filter on:
    • Date – Month/Day (Default today’s date)
    • Multi select Campus (Default All Campuses)
Updated on 02/21/2023

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