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Budget – Expenditures by Function and Object Class

Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Budget Review Reports > Budget – Expenditures by Function and Object Class

Summary: This report is based upon PEIMS Budget information and is designed to provide a Fund Function Object Matrix report similar to the TEA TSDS PDM1-100-011 report.

Usage: Use this report to crosscheck and verify your Fall PEIMS Budget submission matches your board adopted budget. The various filters allow you to analyze and look at your board adopted budget as submitted to PEIMS throughout the year.

Data Source(s):


  • Interchange Budget Extension
    • 20030 Budget Complex Type


  • By function each expenditure object class (61xx, 62xx, 63xx, 64xx, 65xx and 66xx) is subtotaled.
  • The % is calculated as a percentage of the Total Expenditures (i.e. each function by object class expenditure total is divided by the Total Expenditures).


  • Year filter (Default latest PEIMS file loaded) – single year selection filter
  • Fund Code filter (Default all funds reported) – multi-select filter providing by fund details
  • Organization Code filter (Default all org codes reported) – single selection filter
  • Program Intent Code (PIC) filter ( default all PIC codes reports) – multi-select filter
  • Drill down on amounts to see detailed budget records reported in respective total
  • Under Tools – Export to Excel
  • Under Tools – Heatmap for readability
Updated on 01/17/2023

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