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Campus Calendar Number Days by Reporting Periods

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>LEA / Campus

Summary: This report provides the number of days taught by semester and total for all campuses’ instructional tracks and program types. It also includes the six weeks reporting period begin and end dates and six weeks number of days taught at the Details level.

Usage: Review campus number of days taught for all categories – reporting period, semester, total – at the instructional track and/or instructional program type level. This can also be used to review 2019-2020 second semester calendar reporting changes due to Covid-19.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS

  • InterchangeEducationOrgCalendar
    • 10200 Calendar Sub-Category
      • ReportingPeriodExtension Complex Type


  • E0975 – Instructional Track
  • E1600 (C215) – Instructional Program Type
  • E0934 (C130) – Reporting Period
  • E1568 – Reporting Period Begin Date
  • E1569 – Reporting Period End Date
  • E0935 – Number of Days Taught


  • First Semester Total – Sum of Number of Days Taught for Reporting Period 1, 2, 3
  • Second Semester Total – Sum of Number of Days Taught for Reporting Period 4, 5, 6
  • Total – Sum of First Semester Total and Second Semester Total
    • Note: Totals will reflect Reporting Periods selected in the filter.
      • Ex: Reporting Period 1, 2 will only show First Semester Total and Total for these two reporting periods


  • Filter by
    • Multi select Instructional Tracks (Default All)
    • Multi select Instructional Program Types (Default All)
    • Multi select Reporting Periods (Default All)
    • Multi select Campus (Default All)
      • Note: ESC regional level – Multi select District (Default All)
    • Year (Default most recent summer year with an InterchangeEducationOrgCalendar file loaded)
  • Summary/Details Toggle
    • Summary (default) – Shows semester and total number of days taught by campus/instructional track/instructional program type
    • Details – Additionally shows reporting period number of days taught and begin/end dates.
Updated on 10/13/2023

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