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Campus Overrides for Accountability

How to override a campus for accountability purposes. ONLY users designated in OnDataSuite as an Administrator have admin rights to enter and make changes to the sections listed under the overrides location.

To enter the override location, start by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of OnDataSuite and select Administrator

Next select Overrides in the Administrator Tools navigation box

Next select the Manage button in the Campus Type location

By default, OnDataSuite places your campus under its PEIMS related code. In this location you can change the association. Make sure to click the ‘submit & recalculate’ button for any changes to take place.

NOTE: For the purposes of accountability, changes in this location will associate the campus to the associated TEA Accountability tables associated to that campus type.

More information on how PEIMS coding of 10020 Organization Data – Campuses is used in OnDataSuite to associate the campus code to campus type:

OnDataSuite uses the last three digits in the associated campus to determine if a campus falls under the High, Middle or Elementary campus type.

Example: If your district has a middle school with designated PEIMS campus id of 071-999-102, that campus would be placed under the elementary campus type in OnDataSuite.

Financial Accounting and Reporting Appendices – Update 17
Updated on 01/11/2023

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