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How Can I View Daily Enrollment/Attendance?

Currently, enrollment data is not reported through PEIMS on a daily basis and attendance data collected through the PEIMS summer submission does not contain individual dates, only six week totals. As a result, OnDataSuite is not able to produce reports or queries on a daily basis for either enrollment or attendance.

An alternative for checking a daily enrollment could be to extract the PEIMS fall submission interchanges for the specific date from the SIS (if option exists) to load into the File Center for the Fall TSDS PEIMS submission. However, once this has occurred, the fall snapshot data is overridden, and if personnel are looking for state reported numbers, these will be inaccurate. This solution is temporary, and once utilized, the fall snapshot interchanges should be loaded again to overwrite the daily values.

There is not a solution currently for daily/weekly/monthly attendance due to the lack of date reporting.

In the future, the Ed-Fi transition will allow us to accomplish more daily reporting since student entry/withdrawal dates and daily attendance will be sent through the PEIMS submissions. This is several years away unless you are a pilot LEA.

Updated on 10/02/2023

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