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Career & Technical Education FTE Report Pre 2022

Summary: Report provides Career and Technial(CTE) FTEs by each six weeks with a refined total through 2020-2021. HB1525 modified the CTE FTE effective 2021-2022.

Usage: Data quality/funding – review report at district level and use filter to change to “All Campuses: Display All” to view by campus to verify reasonableness.

Special Notes:

  • 2019-2020 COVID-19 ADA Adjustments per TEA GuidanceGeneral Funding Question 1. – Steps 1 – Steps 2 applied on this report. Step 3 is outside the scope of this report at this time. (see Calculations below for details)
  • 2020-2021 COVID-19 Remote Attendance Adjustments
    • Totals include RS and RA remote attendance per the calculation.
    • The Row will be labeled with (Covid-19 Remote) in the 2021 Year column.

Data Sources:

  • Summer PEIMS Attendance
    • Interchange Student Attendance Extension
      • 42400 Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex Type
      • 42401 Special Programs Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex Type


  • 2019-2020 COVID-19 ADA:
    • REQUIRED: 2018-2019 Summer PEIMS files and 2019-2020 Summer PEIMS files uploaded into OnDataSuite for this calculation to accurately compute.
      • 2018-2019 Historical Ratio =2018-2019 Refined ADA (1-6 six weeks) divided by 2018-2019 Refined ADA (1-4 six weeks).
        • This ratio will display at the end of every 2019-2020 row.
        • It will be used in the Covid-19 Adjusted Refined Total calculation for all sections of the report.
      • 2019-2020 rows will be shaded red to highlight the differences between years.
      • 2019-2020 5th and 6th six weeks data will display “Covid-19” indicating it will be ignored in the 19-20 calculations.
      • 2019-2020 Refined Total = 1st – 4th six weeks FTE ((Sum of 1st – 4th six weeks)/4)). This total is the 19-20 FTE total without the Historical Ratio applied.
      • 2019-2020 Covid-19 Adjusted Refined Total = 2019-2020 Refined Total multiplied by the Historical Ratio*Note – predictive final FTE for settle-up funding.
  • FTE by six weeks:
    • Campus-Level – Career and Technical Education FTE is calculated by:
      • Career & Technical Education FTE = Total Track Contact Hours / (DAYS_TAUGHT * 6)
        • Contact Hours = (DAYS_ELIG * WEIGHT)
          • Multiply the sum of Career and Technical Education eligible days present (V1, V2, etc.) for each grade by the corresponding weight factor to calculate contact hours.
        • Sum the contact hours for all Career and Technical Education codes within the track.
        • Divide the total contact hours for each track by 6 times the number of days taught to yield the Career and Technical Education FTE for the track.
    • District-Level – Career and Technical Education FTE is calculated by adding the campus-level Career and Technical Education FTE for each grade for all tracks within each reporting period.
      • 2020-2021 RA/RS incluced in Contact Hours: (Total eligible days present + RS Total eligible days present + RA Total eligible days present )
  • Refined FTE Total – Sum of all six-week periods, divided by six, and rounded to 3 decimals.
    • (Total Eligible Days First Six Weeks / Number Days Taught First Six Weeks) +
    • (Total Eligible Days Second Six Weeks / Number Days Taught Second Six Weeks) +
    • (Total Eligible Days Third Six Weeks / Number Days Taught Third Six Weeks) +
    • (Total Eligible Days Fourth Six Weeks / Number Days Taught Fourth Six Weeks) +
    • (Total Eligible Days Fifth Six Weeks / Number Days Taught Fifth Six Weeks) +
    • (Total Eligible Days Sixth Six Weeks / Number Days Taught Sixth Six Weeks) = Total Result
    • Total Result / 6 = Refined FTE Total

*NOTE: All calculations are truncated at 3 decimal places. This may result in slight variances between summary and filtered detail totals.


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select Years (Default Current Year)
    • District/Campus Summary (Default District Summary)
      • Multi-select Campuses
      • Check District/Campus Summary in conjunction with campus(es) to display a campus summary of the campuses selected and each individual campus on a separate row
    • All Grades Summary (Default All Grades Summary)
      • Multi-Select Grades
      • Check All Grades Summary in conjunction with grade level(s) to display a grade level summary of the grades selected and each individual grade level on a separate row
    • Multi-select Instructional Tracks (Default All Tracks)
    • Focus List to pull a group of students
    • Drill down on FTE counts to see detailed student lists (20-21 RA/RS included in drilldowns)
Updated on 03/21/2022

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