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Chronic Absenteeism Rate

Report Location: Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>A-F Rating System 2023>Domain: Companion Reports 

Summary:This report calculates the number of students had a non-mobile rate of 83% or greater, as well as the number of those students who had an absentee rate of 10% or greater.

This report may or may not match reports produced by TEA.  Most often we cannot re-produce how TEA performs their calculations. Additionally TEA frequently modifies the data subset used to pull the information.

Usage: Review prior year and current year absenteeism rates for Domain IV.

Data Sources: This report uses data from the Summer PEIMS files.

• Step 1: Using days in membership divided by days taught, determine by student those who are at or above 83%. 
• Step 2: Of those at 83% or above, what percentage were absent at least 10% of the days they were eligible to attend.
• Step 3: Subtract the product of step 2 from 100 and calculate rate for campuses and districts.

Days in membership are a TEA-calculated sum of the number of days present (eligible and ineligible) and the number of days absent during a particular reporting period.

Days present is a TEA-calculated sum of the number of ineligible days present and the number of eligible days present during a particular reporting period. 

Days taught is PEIMS element 0935,
Days absent is PEIMS element 0036
Days eligible is PEIMS element 0937.
Days ineligible is PEIMS element 0936.
(All formerly found in the PEIMS 400 record, now on the TSDS Interchange Attendance Extension file)

Updated on 05/22/2024

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