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Class Roster Winter Enrollment Records

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Class Roster and Staff>Staff Custom Reports>Class Roster

Summary: This report displays student and staff elements reported through the TSDS Class Roster Winter collection.

  • Note: Must have both student and staff access to run report

Usage: Use report to review class roster winter reporting for both student and teacher data.

Special Note(s):

  • Class Roster Winter Enrollment is reported for grades EE – 12
  • TIA Teachers who do not have classes assigned to them will not display since they do not belong to a student.

Data Sources:

  • Class Roster Winter Enrollment – All Interchanges


  • Campus ID – E0266
  • Entry Grade Level Type – E1517
  • Class ID Number – E1056
  • Service ID – E0724 (C022)
  • Local Course – E1194
  • Student Begin Date – E1069
  • Student End Date – E1070
  • Class Period – E1074
  • Course Sequence – E0948 (C135)
  • Population Served – E1362 (DC091)
  • Non-Campus Based Instruction – E1072 (C182)
  • TX Unique Staff ID – E1524
  • Staff Last Name – E0705
  • Staff First Name – E0703
  • Role ID – E0721 (C021)
  • Classroom Position – E1454 (DC143)
  • Assignment Begin Date – E1065
  • Assignment End Date – E1066
  • Highest Level of Education Completed – E1460 (DC077)
  • Years of Prior Teaching Experience – E1377
  • Teacher Incentive Allotment Designation – E1722 (DC165)
  • Creditable Year of Service – E1721 (C088)


  • Filter on:
    • Year (Default Current Year)
    • Multi select Campuses (Default first campus in dropdown)
    • Multi select Grades (Default All)
    • Multi select Service IDs (Default All)
    • Multi select Classroom Positions (Default All)
      • Assistant Teacher
      • PK Classroom Aide
      • Substitute Teacher
      • Support Teacher
      • Teacher of Record
  • Drill down if access allowed:
    • SID to see Student Profile
    • TX Unique Staff ID to see Staff Profile
Updated on 03/29/2024

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