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Common OnSync Error/Status Messages

When an OndataSuite user sets up OnSync to pull from College Board or Accuplacer/TSIA2, OndataSuite will use the user name password credentials supplied by the user to log into these sites for you. We are then automatically downloading the files and loading them into OndataSuite.

Occasionally when the user name or password provided results in an error, the College Board or Accuplacer web sites display an error message. OndataSuite will display the error message in OnSync.

Below are the most common error messages received and potential resolutions. If you receive an error message not shown below, please create a support ticket and share it with us so me may add it to this article.


Message: Error while performing the operation. Please contact the support team with your credentials to reso (truncated…)
Possible cause: This could be because the Accuplacer account information entered in for OnSync can not be used to log in to accuplacer dot org.
The best way to check for users is to go to the accuplacer dot org website and try to log in with a username and password

Message: Message: Authentication failed for <username here>
Possible cause: The Accuplacer account information entered for OnSync is no longer valid. Please update the account credentials to make sure that OnSync can use it to log in to accuplacer dot org website.

College Board

Message: You have reached the max sessions, Please download files with the Token instead of Username/Password”
Possible Cause: This is because College Board has a limit on the number of files that OnSync can download for a given time period.
When the downloaded files count reaches the College Board’s maximum allowed amount, College Board replies to any further download requests with this response.

College Board clears this maximum reached flag on their own. When OnSync runs on its next scheduled run, it should be able to download any new files as usual and the status will go back to green OK.

Updated on 06/20/2023

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