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Compensatory Education Census Tier Mapping Status

State Compensatory Education (SCE)/Comp Ed Funding (reference TEC 48.104)

Eligible students are determined to be educationally disadvantaged and are reported in the PEIMS Fall submission with a Student Census Block Group as defined in the TSDS Web-Enabled Data Standards  (Reference section DR44 of the Student Extension)

TEA evaluates Census Tiers for Compensatory Education funding annually and rebalances the assigned Census Block Groups to Census Tier mapping. This may or may not change your Census Tier Funding year to year as reflected on the HB3 Compensatory Education Report.

The ODS reporting of SCE Tier counts uses the latest published TEA Census Tier Mapping for the respective school year. https://tea.texas.gov/texas-schools/general-information/census-block-group-tools (right side under State Funding).

As of 4/11/2024, ODS has updated the 23-24 Census Block Tier Mapping with TEA’s final posted file. All Fall 23-24 Census Tier reporting has been update within ODS.

As of 4/8/2024 afternoon, TEA has posted the final 2024 Census Block Tier Mapping utilized in the SOF runs 42601 and later. OnDataSuite is currently testing the update and will provide a report update this week.

As of 4/4/2024, TEA has indicated they are reviewing the Final Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024 and will post the update on the website as soon as possible. OnDataSuite continues to monitor daily.

As of 3/28/2024, TEA posting of the Final Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024 is pending. (Mapping used in the SOF run 42601 and beyond). Until then ODS reporting is based upon the original preliminary posting last July (see As of 07/28/2023 below) of the Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024.

As of 3/22/2024, TEA removed the link to the preliminary Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024 pending updates for Final mapping to be released. ODS is monitoring for the updated final mapping and will apply to 23-24 Fall PEIMS reporting once received.

As of 3/19/2024, TEA released the following SCE Campus Details on the Summary of Finance (updates to run 42601 and later). These do not match the posted preliminary Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024. ODS is in communications with TEA regarding the discrepancies between the posted mapping tool and what is being reflected in the SOF run 42601,

As of 3/15/24, TEA has not released an updated FINAL SCE Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024. ODS continues to monitor for this updated final mapping and will reprocess all Fall Census Block Group to Census Tier mapping and reporting at that time. ODS notified TEA of the discrepancies with the SOF posted

As of the 2022-2023 year, TEA has indicated a final rebalance will occur AFTER the Fall PEIMS is finalized. If an updated Census Block Tier Mapping is posted ODS will load and reprocess all LEA’s Fall files for final updated Census Tiers for 23-24 funding.

As of 07/28/2023, ODS loaded the Census Block Tier Mapping for 2024 file for preliminary estimates on 23-24 SCE funding. From the TEA NOTES tab on the file:

  • The intended purpose of this SCE spreadsheet is for Local Education Agency use for calculating their preliminary State Compensatory Education Allotment (SCE) for the 2024 school year.
  • This spreadsheet cannot be used as a final yearly calculation of your SCE allotment by campus or by district.
  • Only after submission of Fall PEIMS counts are reviewed and reconciled will a new and rebalanced SCE tier to Census Block Group Code spreadsheet be provided for final tier assignments. This means that the list of SCE tier to Census Block Group Code assignment may change later in the year once PEIMS data has been factored in and prior to SCE allotment funding.
  • ODS will watch for TEA’s final 2024 file in March/April 2024 and update this report accordingly.
Updated on 04/11/2024

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