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Comptroller Tax Values/Rates

OnDataSuite loads data annually from the Comptroller related to Tax Values and Rates.

The Texas Comptroller publishes School District Tax rates and levies for the calendar year by January 1 of the following year. OnDataSuite loads the updated information as it is made available. (Estimated updates available late January / early February)


Latest data loaded in OnDataSuite (ODS) is 2023 released January, 2024.

ODS loads Comptroller calendar year 2023 data as school year 2023-2024 data.

This data is used in the following applications:

OnPoint – Finance – Finance Custom Reports – Financial Well-Being Reports – M& O Tax Rate and Fund Balance in General Fund by Fiscal Year

OnPoint – Finance – Finance Custom Reports – Historical Review Reports – Tax Rate Trend Last Five Fiscal Years

OnPar – My Reports – Finance – Comptroller Data – Tax Rates/Property Values

Updated on 02/13/2024

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