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CTE Contact Hours

Summary: This report displays career and technical education contact hours by years, semesters, and V codes with a graphical representation of the V contact hour totals.

Usage: Review report to verify proper coding of career and technical education V codes ensuring full CTE funding by comparing current year contact hours by semester to prior years’ data.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • Interchange Student Attendance
    • 42401-Special Programs Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex Type
      • 42410-Career and Technical Education
        • E1085 – Attendance Event Indicator = 03 Regular – CTE


  • Total career and technical education eligible days present in each semester by V code x contact hour weight factor
    • E0950 – CTE Eligible Days Present V1 Sum of all days x 1
    • E0951 – CTE Eligible Days Present V2 Sum of all days x 2
    • E0952 – CTE Eligible Days Present V3 Sum of all days x 3
    • E0953 – CTE Eligible Days Present V4 Sum of all days x 4
    • E0954 – CTE Eligible Days Present V5 Sum of all days x 5
    • E0955 – CTE Eligible Days Present V6 Sum of all days x 6


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Updated on 10/29/2021

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