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Custom DAEP Report

Summary: This report lists detailed disciplinary incident information along with eligible days present each six weeks for DAEP placements (disciplinary action codes 07, 08 and 10).
Usage: Data Quality-To determine if students are being counted present or absent during their disciplinary DAEP placement.
Data Sources: PEIMS Summer records

  • 42400 – Interchange Student Attendance Extension
    • Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex
  • 44425 – Interchange Student Discipline Extension
    • Discipline Incident Extension Complex
    • Student Discipline Incident Association Extension Complex
    • Discipline Action Extension Complex


  • One row per incident. Student could have multiple rows.
  • Incident Code – Identifies and ties together the related disciplinary action(s) for one or more students. Example: If, on a single campus, more than one student is involved in an incident that results in disciplinary action(s), all the students should show the same incident number for each of their disciplinary actions.
    • 44425 – Discipline Incident Extension Complex
      • Disciplinary Incident Number – E1016
  • Reporting Period – The period of the school year, also often referred to as “cycle”, in which the disciplinary action was assigned.
    • 44425 – Discipline Action Extension Complex
      • Reporting Period Indicator Code – E0934
  • Disc. Action Code- The type of disciplinary action taken for a student
    • 44425 – Discipline Action Extension Complex
      • Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 (C164)
  • Disc. Action Reason – The reason a student was given a disciplinary action
    • 44425 – Student Discipline Incident Association Extension Complex
      • Disciplinary Action Reason Code – E1006 (C165)
  • Official Len. – The official length of instructional days of a student’s disciplinary assignment.
    • 44425 – Discipline Action Extension Complex
      • Official Length of Disciplinary Assignment – E1007
  • Actual Len. – The actual number of instructional days the student served of a disciplinary assignment. Days absent should not be included.
    • 44425 – Discipline Action Extension Complex
      • Actual Length of Disciplinary Assignment – E1008
  • Total Eligible Days Present during reporting period – The total number of days the student was present and eligible for FSP funding during a particular reporting period/cycle.
    • 42400 – Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension Complex
      • Total Eligible Days Present – E0937


  • Filters
    • Year
    • Single campus select (no district level selection) based on Campus ID of Disciplinary Assignment (E1003)-The campus where the student was placed for disciplinary reasons, not necessarily the student’s “regular” campus

Special Notes:

  • ND = No Data – Student was not enrolled during that reporting period/cycle
  • Drill down on student id to review individual student dashboard
Updated on 10/29/2021

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