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Discipline Action Code Trend Analysis

Summary: Trend line graphs and chart representation for each unique disciplinary action count. It compares consecutive years of data for all six weeks or totals only.

Usage: Compare years of information of discipline action code data for data quality review and potential district interventions.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS Records

  • Interchange Student Discipline Extension
    • DisciplineActionExtension Complex Type


  • This report shows the totals for each selected Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 (C164) that was reported in each disciplinary reporting period or totals only for the selected years.


  • Filter by:
    • Multi-select Action Codes (default All action codes)
    • Ethnicity (default All ethnicities)
    • Multi-select Campus (default All campuses)
      • Note: ESC Regional Level version allows Multi-select District instead (default All districts)
    • Multi-select Years (default most recent 3 years)
    • Display Type
      • Detail – displays all 6 weeks reporting periods for years selected (default)
      • Summary – displays totals for years selected
  • Focus List to see results by special program, attendance instructional track, grade level, etc.
  • Zoom graphing to narrow results by number of actions
Updated on 02/03/2022

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