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Discipline Action Group Summary

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Discipline Reports>Action Summary

Summary: This report provides counts and percentages of students and disciplinary actions by student groups and disciplinary action categories. Student groups include ethnicity, gender, special education, economic disadvantage, at risk, bilingual, ESL, section 504 and CTE attendance. Disciplinary action categories include ISS, OSS, DAEP and JJAEP placements/expulsions along with a total summary.

Usage: Review report in current year for predictive analysis of report published on the TEA website under discipline data products. Also allows other special programs not included in the TEA report to be reviewed. Report can also be used to analyze percentages of disciplinary action groups in relation to population totals.

Special Notes:

  • Campus level reports-Students are counted at the campus where they last attended, not by the disciplinary campus id of enrollment, since the report contains students who do not have a disciplinary record (All Student Group count).
    • Note: This excludes fall only rows which use the fall snapshot campus instead:
      • Economic Disadvantage – Fall
      • At Risk – Fall
      • Bilingual – Fall
      • ESL – Fall

Data Sources:

  • Fall PEIMS for Economic Disadvantage – Fall, At Risk, Bilingual, and ESL
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100-Student Extension
        • At Risk Indicator Code E0919 C088 = 1
        • Economic Disadvantage Code E0785 C054 = 01, 02 or 99
    • Interchange Student Program
      • 40110-Student Program Extension
        • Bilingual Program Type Code E1042 C175 = 2, 3, 4, or 5
        • ESL Program Type Code E1043 C176 = 2 or 3
  • Summer PEIMS for student groups including all students, ethnicity, gender, Special Education – Summer, Economic Disadvantage – Summer, CTE Attendance – Summer and Section 504 – Summer
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100-Student Extension
        • Economic Disadvantage Code E0785 C054 = 01, 02, or 99
    • Interchange Student Program
      • 40110-Student Program Extension
        • Special Ed Indicator Code E0794 C088 = 1
        • Section 504 Indicator Code E1603 C088 = 1
          • Note: Section 504 starting with 2018-2019 school year
    • Interchange Student Attendance
      • 42410-Career and Technical Education Attendance
        • CTE Attendance = At least one CTE attendance 42410 record exists
          • Note: CTE Attendance starting with 2021-2022 school year
  • Summer PEIMS for Discipline counts and percentages
    • Interchange Student Discipline
      • 44425-Discipline Action Extension
        • Disciplinary Action Code E1005 C164
  • Discipline Actions:
    • ISS Actions: Disciplinary Action Code = 06 or 26
    • OSS Actions: Disciplinary Action Code = 05 or 25
    • DAEP Actions: Disciplinary Action Code = 03, 04, 07, 08, 10, 14, 52, 53, 55, or 57
    • JJAEP Actions: Disciplinary Action Code = 02, 12, 13, 15, 51, 60, or 61
    • Total Actions: All actions summed together


  • Actions: Count of each disciplinary action
  • Students: Unique count of students with that disciplinary action category
  • Percent: Discipline students/Total number of students in that student group


  • Filter on
    • Single select Year (Default most recent summer PEIMS year loaded)
    • Single select Campus (Default District Summary)
      • District Summary – Cumulative counts
      • All Campuses – Each campus displayed separately (no summary)
      • Campus Level – Cumulative counts by school level and each campus in the school level displayed separately
        • Elementary Schools
        • Middle Schools
        • High Schools/K-12 Schools
      • Individual campus

  • ESC Regional Level:
    • Filter on
      • Single select Year (Default most recent summer PEIMS year loaded)
      • Multi select Districts (Default All Districts cumulative count)
        • Note: If selecting multiple districts, cumulative counts are displayed

  • Drill down on Actions columns to see all discipline actions on a separate line for exporting to Excel
  • Drill down on Students columns to see all students with their discipline information on a single line

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

TEA Discipline Data Products>Discipline Action Group Summary Reports

Updated on 04/05/2023

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