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Discipline Action Reason Code Trend Analysis

Summary: Trend line graphs and chart representation for unique incident counts by student of disciplinary action reason codes. It compares consecutive years of data for all six weeks or totals only.

Usage: Compare years of information of discipline action reason code data for data quality review and potential district interventions.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS Records

  • Interchange Student Discipline Extension
    • Discipline Incident Complex
    • Student Discipline Incident Association Extension Complex


  • This report shows the totals for each selected Disciplinary Action Reason Code – E1006 (C165) that was reported in each disciplinary reporting period or totals only for the selected years.


  • Filter by:
    • Multi-select Action Reason Codes (default All action reason codes)
    • Ethnicity (default All ethnicities)
    • Multi-select Campus (default All campuses)
      • Note: ESC Regional Level version allows Multi-select District instead (default All districts)
  • Multi-select Years (default most recent 3 years)
  • Display Type
    • Detail – displays all 6 weeks reporting periods for years selected (default)
    • Summary – displays totals for years selected
  • Focus List to see results by special program, attendance instructional track, grade level, etc.
  • Zoom graphing to narrow results by number of incidents
Updated on 02/03/2022

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