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Discipline Action Summary

Summary: This report displays a count of all action reason codes within every action code along with totals for action reason and action codes.

Usage: Review report for accuracy in discipline reporting for specific action reason and action codes. This report will closely model TSDS report PDM3-132-003.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • 44425-Interchange Student Discipline-all complexes


  • Reason Code – Count of each Disciplinary Action Reason Code E1006 C165
  • Action Codes – Count of each Disciplinary Action Code E1005 C164


  • Total Reason Code – Sum of Disciplinary Action Reason Code for all Disciplinary Actions (vertical Total)
  • Total Action Code – Sum of Disciplinary Action Code for all Disciplinary Action Reason Codes (horizontal Total)


  • Filter on a specific year or specific disciplinary campus id of enrollment
  • Drill down on counts to see a list of students who meet the criteria with their action reason and action code displayed
    • Note: Many times the student list count will be less than the action reason/action code count due to students having multiple incidents for the same action reason and/or action code.
Updated on 10/28/2021

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