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Discipline Incidences – 1 per row/cell

If you pull a student discipline report in which some students have more than 1 incident, you may want to adjust the report, so that each incident has its own line.

Then, a student with multiple incidences would be listed on the report more than once.

To accomplish this, first create the student list/report.

Next, locate the “Column Options” tab at the top.

Once the column options are selected, locate the column called “Grouping” at the top.
Scroll down and find the “Incident numbers” row, labels on the left.

Put a check in the box for Incident numbers/grouping.

Then submit changes- green box- top right.

The report now should have each discipline incident listed on a different row.
So students with more than 1 incident, will have more than 1 row.

Updated on 01/27/2022

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