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Discipline Incidents For Mutual Fighting Only 1 Offender 

Summary: This report will return a list of discipline incidents reported as “Mutual Fighting” action reason (41), but that have only 1 student tied to the disciplinary incident number at the same campus.

Usage: Review each discipline record associated with the incident number(s) displayed to ensure that 2 students are reported for the Mutual Fighting (41) event with the same incident number.

Special Notes:

  • Example: Bob and Joe are reported with discipline action reason code 41, mutual fighting, because they were caught fighting with each other. However, Bob is assigned a different incident number than Joe, when they both should have the same incident number. This report will reveal the inconsistency.
  • In some instances, the student cannot be eliminated from the report.
    • If two students had a fight, but one student had a PEIMS reportable action, while the other student had a non-PEIMS reportable action (D-hall, parent call, etc.), the student with the PEIMS reportable action will continue to display.
    • If students are at different campus ID of enrollments, and only one student exists at each campus, the students will continue to display on the report. This is due to the ability for an LEA to repeat disciplinary incidents across campuses since TWEDS only enforces unique disciplinary incident numbers at the campus level, not at the district level:

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS file

  • Discipline Interchange – 44425 Disciplinary Action Sub-Categories
  • DisciplineIncident Complex Type
  • StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • DisciplineActionExtension Complex Type
Updated on 07/05/2022

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