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Discipline Incidents For Mutual Fighting Only 1 Offender 

Summary: This report will return a list of discipline incidents reported as “Mutual Fighting” action reason (41), but that have only 1 student tied to the incident number per campus.

Usage: Review each discipline record associated with the incident number(s) displayed to ensure that 2 students are reported for the Mutual Fighting (41) event with the same incident number.

Special Notes:

  • Example: Bob and Joe are reported with discipline action reason code 41, mutual fighting, because they were caught fighting with each other. However, Bob is assigned a different incident number than Joe, when they both should have the same incident number. This report will reveal the inconsistency.
  • In some instances, the student cannot be eliminated from the report. For example, if two students had a fight, but one student had a PEIMS reportable action, while the other student had a non-PEIMS reportable action (D-hall, parent call, etc.), the student with the PEIMS reportable action will continue to display.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS file

  • Discipline Interchange – 44425 Disciplinary Action Sub-Categories
  • DisciplineIncident Complex Type
  • StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • DisciplineActionExtension Complex Type
Updated on 11/04/2021

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