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LEA Programs of Study

Summary: This report displays the LEA’s programs of study by year beginning with first year of reporting 2019-2020.

Usage: Review report to ensure accurate PEIMS fall reporting of the LEA’s programs of study.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS

  • InterchangeEducationOrganization
    • 10010 LocalEducationAgencyExtension


  • Program of Study – E1643 (C220)
  • X under Year column indicates Program of Study was reported

Special Notes

  • This report requires XML files. CSV files do not contain the LEA program of study element.


  • Filter by
    • Multi-select Program of Study (Default All Programs of Study)
    • Multi-select District (ESC only) (Default All Districts)
    • Multi-select Year (Default most recent 3 fall years)
Updated on 11/03/2021

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