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Dual Credit Report

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Course Completion

Summary: This report displays counts of students enrolled in a Dual Credit course in PEIMS summer, extended or both submissions by grade level for the district or campus(es).

Usage: Check students who should/should NOT be coded as taking 1 or more dual credit courses, as well as to review trends and locate data anomalies in reporting.

Data Sources:

  • Summer and Extended Year PEIMS records
    • 43415 Course Completion Sub-Category
      • CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type


  • Summer and Extended counts combine students into one row. The count might not equal the separate Summer + Extended counts due to a student being in both areas.


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select Year (default 5 years)
    • Campus
  • Tools drop-down
    • Show Zero Values allows grade levels with zero dual credit students for all years to display.
      • To turn off the zero values, choose Hide Zero Values (default).
Updated on 12/01/2022

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