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Dual Credit Service ID Count Based on Pass/Fail Indicator

Summary: This report displays students who have passed and/or failed a user defined count of dual credit courses in PEIMS summer and/or extended submissions across multiple years.

Usage: Can be used for general reporting purposes, including end of year awards and analyzing students having difficulties with dual credit courses.

Data Sources:

  • Summer and Extended Year PEIMS records
    • 43415 Course Completion Sub-Category
      • CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type


  • Students considered dual credit if a service ID has a Dual Credit Code – E1011 (C088) = 1 at any campus, current or prior years, and in the summer and/or extended year submission.
  • Campus – Campus ID of Enrollment (E0782) on the StudentSchoolAssociationExtension sub complex type
  • Pass/Fail Indicator – E0949 (C136)
  • # Dual Credit Service IDs – Based on E0724 (C022)
    • Counts each unique Class ID’s Service ID depending on pass/fail indicator codes selected in filter for course sequence codes (E0948 – C135) = 0, 2, 5, 9, D0, D2, D5, D9 (completed part of the course)
      • Note: Includes course sequence code 0, 2, 5, 9 in case there is a miscoding in PEIMS, it will still pick up dual credit courses based on dual credit = 1
      • Note: If a service ID is taken multiple times due to failures, the count will include each class taken. For example, student has 4 service IDs listed, but count has 5, this is due to one of the service IDs being taken multiple times due to failing.
  • Dual Credit Service IDs – E0724 (C022)
    • Displays all Dual Credit Service IDs included in the count


  • Filter on:
    • Dual Credit Service ID Count (Default value of 4)
      • Looks for dual credit service ID counts equal to or greater than value
    • Multi select Passed or Failed (Default Passed)
      • Using Pass/Fail Indicator Codes
        • Passed = 01, 08
        • Failed = Not 01, 08
    • Multi select Grade (Default All Grades 9-12)
    • Multi select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Single select Year (Default most recent summer PEIMS file year loaded)
Updated on 05/11/2022

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