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ESC Only-Region District Campus Summary Report

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Miscellaneous

Summary: This report displays a list of districts (for ESC Level) and their campuses with grade ranges for each, as well as total teacher/admin count and total students for district, each campus and grade level in your region.

Usage: Review district/campus information grade ranges and student counts by grade, as well as staff count and whether they are participating in Title 1.

Special Note:

  • When exporting to Excel, in order to export all records, be sure to change the “Display X records per page” to All

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS file

  • AskTED
  • 10010 Local Education Agency Sub-Category
    LocalEducationAgencyExtension Complex Type
  • 10020 Campus Sub-Category
    SchoolExtension Complex Type
  • 30090 Responsibility Sub-Category
    StaffResponsibilitiesExtension Complex Type
  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type

Features: All columns can be sorted.

Updated on 04/03/2023

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