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Fall CTE Class Service ID’s With Less Than 45 Minutes

Report Location: Student>Student Data Validation>Funding Data Validation and Staff>Staff Data Validation

Summary: This report will trigger a list of CTE courses who do not appear to be meeting for the 45 min per days required for funding, along with the campus, teacher, service ID, and minutes associated with the class.

Usage: Locate CTE courses that are not eligible for funding. Check to ensure minutes were entered into SIS correctly for accurate reporting and if so, then strive to extend the length of minutes for each course in order to claim funding.

Data Source: Fall PEIMS

  • Interchange Staff Extension
    • 30090 Responsibility


  • Service ID – E0724 for CTE courses from code table 022
    • 2020-2021 and beyond based on staff 30090 record
    • Prior to 2020-2021 based on student 170 record
  • Class ID – E1056
  • Monthly Minutes – E1057


  • Minutes Per Day – Calculated by taking the 30090 Responsibility Monthly Minutes (E1057) / 20 Days (number of days for the 4 weeks in Oct)
Updated on 09/14/2022

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