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Fall – Eco Dis Percent in Membership

Summary: Report will display a percent of students who were “in membership” (ADA codes 1-8) on Fall Snapshot that were also coded Economic Disadvantage (codes 01, 02, 99).

Usage: Some areas in Accountability evaluates percentage of students coded as being in membership who are also economic disadvantage at Fall snapshot.

Data Source(s): Fall PEIMS

40100 Student Basic Information Sub-Category StudentExtension Complex Type


  • Eco Dis – E0785 (C054) = 01, 02, 99
  • ADA – (Codes 1-8)


  • Percent = (Eco Dis Pop in membership/ Total Membership) ADA 1-8)


  • Filters:
    • Campus
    • Year
    • Grade Level
  • Drill down on counts to see a detailed list of students
Updated on 11/04/2021

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