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Fall PEIMS Historical Comparison

Summary: The Fall (Snapshot) PEIMS Historical Comparison report displays totals for most snapshot demographics for both student and staff collected in the Fall PEIMS snapshot. It also contains a difference column to compare year to year increases/decreases.

Usage: Compare data counts from year to year using the difference column(s) to find anomalies and ensure data quality.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS

  • 40100 Student Basic Information Sub-Category
    StudentExtension Complex Type
  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    StudentProgramExtension Complex Type
  • 41163 Special Education Program Sub-Category
    StudentSpecialEdProgramAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • 41461 Title I, Part A Program Sub-Category
    StudentTitleIPartAProgramAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • 40203 School Leaver Sub-Category
    SchoolLeaverExtension Complex Type
  • 30090 Responsibility Sub-Category
    StaffResponsibilitiesExtension Complex Type


  • Turn on “Heatmap” to see hotspots/data swings at the district or campus level.
  • Filter on specific campuses (Default All Campuses summed)
  • Choose specific years to narrow the scope (Default most recent 3 years of Fall PEIMS loaded)
  • Use the “Focus” list to pull in a specific group of students. Example: SPED
Updated on 11/04/2021

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