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Fall Staff Role ID Review

Summary: The Fall Staff Role ID Review displays staff role ids (Professional and Auxiliary) counts as of the October snapshot date from the fall PEIMS submission. A difference column compares year to year increases/decreases. when 2 or more years are selected.

Usage: Review Staff Role ID by counts for multi year comparisons at the district level or by campus for data integrity reviews prior to PEIMS submission.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS

  • 30040 Staff Basic Information Sub-Category
    StaffExtension Complex Type
  • 30050 Employment Payroll Summary Sub-Category
    StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • 30090 Responsibility Sub-Category
    StaffResponbilitiesExtension Complex Type


  • Staff Responsibilties (Professional) are reported on the 090 record (StaffResponbilitiesExtension)
  • Staff Responbilities (Auxiliary) are reported on the 050 record (StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtenstion)


  • Counts
    • All counts are number of staff reporting the respective Role ID(PEIMS element E0721) on either the StaffResponbilitiesExtension OR the StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtenstion
  • Difference (column Diff)
    • By Indicator: Diff = Year Count – Prior Year Count
    • Two years minimum for a Diff to be displayed
    • A decrease is noted in red
    • An increase is noted in black


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select Year (defaults to most current year)
    • Multi-select Campus (default to All)
      • NOTE: Auxiliary Roles IDs are not reported by Campus.
  • Focus list to run counts and percentages on groups of staff
  • Drill down on counts to see a detailed list of staff
  • Tools drop-down:
    • Hide Zero Value Rows to hide null or zero value rows for years selected (zero rows are highlighted in red)
    • Show Zero Value Rows to show null or zero value rows for years selected (default)
    • Turn on Heatmap to see hotspots/data swings at the district or campus level.
Updated on 11/02/2021

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