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ESSA PR3002 Aide – Title III, Part A

Report Location: Accountability>Federal: Accountability Report Center>ESSA Compliance Aide Reports

Summary: Report can be used to help report Part 6 of the ESSA PR3002 compliance report.

Usage: Use data to help complete teacher information in the eGrants system.

Data Sources: PEIMS Fall and Summer records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation > TeacherSectionAssociation > Role-ID
  • InterchangeMasterSchedule > SectionExtension > Population-Served-Code

Part 6: Teacher Information and Professional Development

  • Number of certified / licensed teachers currently working in a bilingual / ESL assignment: Staff reported in the Fall or Summer PEIMS submission with Role-ID (E0721) = 087 and Population-Served-Code (E0747) = 02 or 07

Special Note(s):

  • Due to the multiple ways a district could code and report bilingual/ESL teachers to PEIMS, the total represented here should be an aid to reporting. It might not represent ALL bilingual/ESL teachers. Use the drill-down on the total to review staff being reported and make appropriate changes to the total if necessary.

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Updated on 03/17/2023

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